Delivery prices

Shipping of goods from Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Italy, UK, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Portugal is taxed according to the weight and measurements of the purchases.

Germany Estonia
Poland Estonia
United Kingdom Estonia
France Estonia
Italy Estonia
Lithuania Estonia
Spain Estonia
Latvia Estonia
Netherlands Estonia
Czech Republic Estonia
Portugal Estonia
Shipping from Germany to Estonia DPD courier Omniva self-service parcel terminals DPD pickup points
Weight up to, kg Price, Eur Price, Eur Price, Eur Price, Eur
0.2 3.99 +2.99 EUR+2.49 EUR+2.49 EUR
0.5 4.99
1 5.89
2 6.89
3 7.89 +3.49 EUR+2.49 EUR+2.49 EUR
4 8.89
5 9.89
6 10.99 +4.99 EUR+2.49 EUR+2.49 EUR
7 12.99
8 14.99
9 15.99
10 17.99
12 20.99 +5.99 EUR+2.49 EUR+2.49 EUR
14 22.99
16 25.99
18 29.99
20 31.99
25 36.99 +7.99 EUR+2.49 EUR+2.49 EUR
30 42.99
35 49.99 +11.99 EUR--
40 59.99
45 66.99
50 73.99
60 89.99
70 94.99 +19.99 EUR--
80 102.99
90 112.99
100 119.99
120 139.99 +29.99 EUR--
140 149.99
160 169.99
180 189.99 +39.99 EUR--
200 209.99
250 248.99 +49.99 EUR--
300 298.99
350 348.99
400 389.99
500 449.99 +59.99 EUR--
600 499.99
700 549.99 +69.99 EUR--
800 599.99
900 649.99 +79.99 EUR--
1000 699.99

* FOR INDIVIDUALS 0% VAT rate is applied in accordance with Article 10 (part 4, point 6). so prices are exclusive of VAT. FOR LEGAL ENTITIES - the exemption does not apply, therefore 20% VAT will be added to the indicated prices.

  • Non-standard packaging 
    If the total length of the sides shall be equal or more than 180 cm, or one side is equal or longer than 120 cm -> the weight coefficient 1,3 shall be applied. If the total length of the sides shall be equal or more than 300 cm,  or one side is equal or longer than 200 cm  -> the weight coefficient 1,5 shall be applied. For example: if a parcel measures 100x100x10 and weighs 30 kg -> it will be charged as a 39 kg parcel.

    The maximum possible length of one side of the package when shipping via DPD couriers is 3 m. If length of one side of the package is longer than 3 m, additional fees may apply. Please contact OstaEU customer service before ordering a shipment longer than 3 m.
  • Pickup of shipments
    Shipments in Estonia are sent via DPD or Omniva courier to Omniva self-service parcel terminals or DPD pickup points.
    If shipments are received without package, box or improperly packaged, an additional fee may apply for packaging.
  • Shipment insurance
    Shipment insurance prices:

     5,00 Eur - for shipments with a value of up to 100,00 Eur.

    10,00 Eur - for shipments with a value of up to 500,00 Eur.

    15,00 Eur - for shipments with a value of up to 1000,00 Eur.
  • DPD services in Estonian islands
    DPD couriers in Estonian islands only deliver packages. If you want to ship pallets, you need to contact us individually.

    Postal codes for which the surcharge applies for sending packages with DPD courier: 62601, 88001-88005, 91217, 91301–91320, 92001–92420, 93001–93099, 93100–94799, 96027, 96098.

    Delivery to these postal codes applies additional fee – 20,00 euro.
  • Picking up of shipments from German DHL terminal
    If shipment is left at the German DHL pick-up terminal, the pick-up price from the terminal is 10,00 Eur for each shipment. Pickups are available ONLY from this terminal (DHL Filiale Am Ohmberg Neue Str. 2a).
  • Collection of parcels from French terminals and post machines
    Pick up of parcels from this terminal 55b, Rue de Carling, 57490, L' Hôpital is FREE. The pickup information must be provided to customer service.

    Free collection of parcels is possible ONLY from this terminal ( 55b, Rue de Carling, 57490, L' Hôpital). We can pick up parcels from any post office that is up to 10 km from our warehouse. The price of 1 km is 2 euros. For example, if the post machine is 5 km from our warehouse, picking up a parcel from this post machine will cost 10 euros. When ordering more than one shipment and choosing to pick up all of them at the same post machine, the pick-up price is applied for one pick-up.

    Collection of parcels is possible only with the authorization of the customer, so it is necessary to contact customer service directly for the authorization and collection of parcels. 
  • Shipments from UK
    • ALL shipments from UK are applied to import VAT fee (21% of the value of the parcel and the value of its shipping costs).
    • Shipments from UK are applied to an administration fee:
      Shipment value from 0,00 Eur to 150,00 Eur – 6,99 Eur.
      Shipment value from 150,00 Eur and more – 13,99 Eur.
  • Storage conditions
    Customer parcels received at the OstaEU warehouse are stored free of charge for 30 calendar days from the moment when shipment status changes to "Shipment at the distribution center, ready for dispatch/collection". At the end of this period, a storage fee of 1,00 Eur per day shall be charged for each parcel.
  • Completion fee
    Parcels‘ completion fee – 0,99 Eur. Applied for each additional parcel from the same country.
  • Discounts
    For regular customers who ship from 100 kg per month or more for Euro pallet sized cargoes. Contact our customer service for a discount.
  • Additional services in POLAND
    • Pickup from In Post 24/7 pickup point in Suwalki.
      Pick-up from this In Post 24/7 pickup point in Suwalki - price 3,00 Eur for each shipment, pick-up from another pickup points in Suwalki - price 5,00 Eur for each shipment. It is NOT possible to pick up from pickup points in OTHER CITIES.
    • Pick up of large shipments from popular stores and supermarkets.
      The price is calculated individually.
  • Additional services in the CZECH REPUBLIC
    • Pickup from Zásilkovna pickup point in Staňkov.
      Pick-up from this Zásilkovna pickup point in Staňkov is FREE.
      It is NECESSARY to provide the telephone number of our Czech warehouse (you will find it in the address section of the warehouse). It is NOT possible to pick up from pickup points in OTHER CITIES.

Purchase service price

For those who want to buy goods in foreign stores, we offer a goods purchase service

Price of the items, Eur Service fee, Eur
25 6
50 8
70 10
100 13
150 17
200 25
300 30
500 40
1000 70
1500 100
2000 140
2500 180
2500 180
3000 230
3500 290
4000 350
  • The price of this service does not include delivery of goods from a foreign warehouse to Estonia. When the product arrives at our foreign warehouse, we will weigh the product and calculate the exact amount of delivery to Estonia, which you will have to pay before the product is shipped. Delivery prices to Estonia can be found HERE.